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Structural Steel Fabrication In Houston

Our diverse state-of-the-art facilities powered by our expert craftsmen give you the best single source for your Structural Steel Fabrication or Custom Steel project.

Structural Steel Fabrication and Welding Services

Specializing in custom structural steel fabrication, we utilize cutting-edge processes—cutting, forming, bending, welding, and assembling—to craft top-tier structures and components. With years of experience, we possess expert knowledge of structural steel characteristics, ensuring superior strength that meets or exceeds design specifications. The innovative WELDIT team is always ready to guide you through the design process, aiming for 100% customer satisfaction. Our ISO 9001:2015 certification guarantees quality, productivity, timely turnaround, and on-time delivery. Whether managing large projects from start to finish or providing support at any phase, WELDIT is equipped for success. Clients can either supply materials or rely on WELDIT for procurement.

Structural Steel Fabrication
Structural Steel Fabrication Services

Structural Steel Fabrication Inspection & Testing

Having a Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) on staff at WELDIT underscores our commitment to precision and quality. Our in-house CWI diligently inspects every project, ensuring strict adherence to structural steel fabrication requirements and relevant welding codes from project initiation to completion. Before any work commences, our CWI reviews project specifications, documents, and testing records, confirming that all involved personnel are certified and capable. This meticulous approach guarantees that your structural steel fabrication project aligns with the highest standards, integrating the right expertise, materials, and certifications from the outset.

Structural Steel Fabrication & Support for Commercial

Discover precision and excellence in our Structural Steel Fabrication & Support services for commercial projects. From main member beams to surface treatments, we ensure quality, on-time delivery, and reliable support at every step.

Elevate your commercial projects with our expert Structural Steel Fabrication & Support services at WELDIT. From precise fabrication to comprehensive support, we deliver quality solutions for main member beams, columns, and more. Trust us for excellence in every aspect of your commercial structural steel needs.

Structural Steel Fabrication houston
Structural Steel Fabrication welding

Why Work with a Structural Steel Fabrication for Your Construction Project?

Sructural steel stands out as a preferred choice for diverse building structures due to its versatility. A structural steel fabrication company streamlines construction processes, manufacturing steel components at its warehouse before efficiently transporting and installing them at the construction site with ease and precision.

delivering exceptional quality

Best Choice for Structural Steel Fabrication

As trusted structural steel fabricators in Texas, we convey your visions to existence, one weld at a time.

Beam & Column Buildings

We manufacture primary member beams and columns with the flexibility to produce them in various lengths and sizes, leveraging our state-of-the-art computer numerically controlled (CNC) Peddinghaus beamline.

Bridge & Industrial Girders

WELDIT manufactures a diverse range of structural steel products tailored for bridge construction, regional DOT projects, and various industrial applications.

Steel Foundations

WELDIT excels in tailored steel foundations, bending sheets up to 40ft x 1in. Our craftsmen deliver welded or bolted structures, finished with precision coatings in our in-house paint shop

Long Seam Welding

WELDIT introduces the Lincoln Electric Long Seam Power Gantry Welder—ideal for AISC work, tower manufacturing, and advanced sheet piling applications. Located in shop #8, we're dedicated to meeting your specific long seam welding needs.


WELDIT provides a diverse array of coatings, from epoxy paints to urethane, catering to industries such as steel mills, oil & gas, rail, and OEM manufacturers.


From Concept To Creation

When Expertise matters, contact us for your Structural Steel fabrication Needs

Step 1

Design Preparation

The initial stage in structural steel fabrication involves design preparation, where project drawings and specifications are created and confirmed. Once the design is finalized, the draftsman proceeds to facilitate purchase and production information.

Step 2

Material Acquisition

Upon completion of the detailed Bill of Material (BOM) by the draftsman, the purchasing phase commences. Materials, often steel ordered from a supplier, can be in standard lengths or pre-cut based on the order, with subsequent delivery to the fabrication site.

Step 3

Steel Cutting and Drilling

Using CNC machines, steel is cut to the required length and drilled for project holes. Various methods like circular saws, laser, waterjet, or plasma cutting machines can be employed.

Step 4

Bending and welding

After cutting and drilling, various bending methods shape the steel, followed by welding using techniques such as those offered by WELDIT.

Step 5

Quality Check

Quality checks, including visual and dimensional inspections, along with mechanical tests, ensure the steel meets specifications. Non-destructive testing (NDT) is performed to detect hidden defects and cracks in welded parts.

Step 6


After quality checks, steel undergoes sandblasting and painting for corrosion protection, ensuring a finishing touch before installation to save time and costs.

Lets Weldit Together

Why choose WELDIT for your Fabrication Needs?

Providing timely services and custom-made items is how WELDIT prioritizes client satisfaction as our top priority.

Our mission to deliver a complete and superior turnkey service is what drives us.

A skilled and experienced welding crew with a wealth of industry knowledge.

Committed to provide trustworthy, dependable, and integrity-driven client service.

With a dedication to perfection, we consistently produce excellent and high-quality results that guarantee accuracy, longevity, and client pleasure.


What Our Clients Say

Alessio Bianchi Designation

"I can't say enough good things about Weldit. Their team is professional, efficient, and their welding services are top-notch. Weldit turned our vision into reality, and we couldn't be happier with the results!"

Pierre Dupont Designation

"Weldit exceeded our expectations with their impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail. Their commitment to quality and safety is truly impressive. We highly recommend Weldit for all your welding needs."

Anders Johansson Designation

"Weldit is a reliable and trustworthy partner. They've consistently delivered outstanding welding solutions on time and within budget. It's a pleasure to work with a company that values integrity and excellence."

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