Onsite Mobile Welding specializes in Custom Welding & Fabrication.

Our Certified Welders have 15 years of experience in Houston Texas.
Custom Build or Repair:

Structural Steel | Ornamental Metals

What we offer

On Site Welding
We will come to you! If you have a basic job or project related, we will work at your location!

Helpful staff
Over 15 years of experience in welding and AWS certified. We work with MIG, TIG, STICK, FLUX CORD and other aluminum and steel.

Competitive pricing
Request a Quote and you won’t be disappointed!.

Commitment to excellence
Quality of workmanship and client experience is our focus!

Offer for home and business

Structural Steel
We custom build Joists, Decking, Mezzanines, Columns, Beams and other structural related buildouts.

Ornamental Metals
We custom build & repair Railings, Fences, Staircases, Gates, and other related projects.

Stainless Steel Fabrication
We utilize state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment in our facilities. Our Amada automated punch press exceeds the capabilities of many competitors, allowing the processing of stainless steel and sheet metal up to one quarter inch thick and 80″ x 160″. The Amada automated hyper-fine-bender down-acting press brake insures accuracy, quickness, and precise duplication in the forming of metal. We also have a wide variety of specialized equipment for designing, fabricating, welding, and polishing such as:

Precision metal Bending Machining
When it comes to precision machining, no one does it better period. We can take your idea, and through a controlled material removal process, we can take your idea from sketch pad to manufacturing line. WeldiT Tubing bends tools mild steel, stainless steel aluminum, Cooper, chrome molybdenum, inconel, and titanium. WeldiT has the capabilities to form round, square, rectangular and solid stock for any application. We roll and coil most types of materials. WeldiT offers extensive TIG, MIG, and brazing services and can weld and braze and extensive array of special fittings. Our end forming capabilities are extensive, from flaring and beading swaging of many various sizes of tubing. Whether you’re creating small hardware, or large-scale piping for oil and gas, automative turbine or aerospace we’ve got you covered.

WeldiT manufacturing has a Precision Machine Service business to enhance our Metal Fabrication and Manufacturing operations. With years of combined experience machining precision metal parts our staff & engineers has provided service for the Automotive, Aerospace, and Turbine & Engine Control systems as well as, Automation, Semi-Conductor and Optics industries. We specialize in Bending, Turning, and Grinding precision parts to clients specs.

Sheet Metal Fabrication
Our philosophy at WeldiT is to join new technology with time tested methodology in custom sheet metal fabricating and manufacturing utilizing our state of the art equipment. WeldiT is one of the most specialized sheet metal fabricating companies in the Nation. We are a full service high quality driven manufacturing company with thousands of customers requiring a wide range of applications, from precision sheet metal fabricating to heavy metal plate up to ½ inch. Our brilliant custom sheet metal fabricating engineers along with skillful craftsmen in metal work provide the highest quality custom sheet metal products.

Skid Packages
WeldiT offers custom integrated process for skid applications.Our applications for a skidded package include, fuel gas conditioning, dew-point heating, fuel forwarding, gas line separation and coalescing, hot oil heating, water and glycol heating, gas dehydration, and industrial gas heating, such as oxygen, nitrogen, or hydrogen. WeldiT can assemble just about any components to suit the specific need.

Pipe Fabrication
WeliTs team of engineers, certrified pipe fitters, welders and AWI inspectors can meet any pipe fabrication and process pipping inquires/jobs. Whether in our state of the art fabrication shop or mobile. WeldiT has the necessary equipment to fabricate and install all types of of pipe, small and large bores, carbon, stainless steel, chrome and other alloys.

Custom Fabrication
WeldiT performs an array of heavy metal manufacturing and fabrication services that allows the global industry in the petrochemical, logistics, offshore, railroad, commercial construction, or any other industry to know they can count on the job getting done right and on time and on budget. WeltiT has the history, theoretical capabilities and facilities to handle practically any application or project requirements. Our seasoned and certified technicians, welders, CNC operators, designers, and project managers take pride in the ability to design, manufacturer or take your drawings and create a seamless process in any metal fabrication project.

Grinding Services:
WeldiT’s precision grinding services includes several different processes used to achieve more precise dimensions by removing small thicknesses of material from a metal part surface. These processes include double disc grinding, creep grinding, surface grinding, Blanchard grinding, and several others.

When it comes to metal precision grinding services. WeldiT uses advanced technology, specialized grinding media, wheels and a variety of grinding techniques to achieve the tolerances and surface finish your metal parts require.

Downstream & Upstream Pipeline Welding

WeldiT has the capabilities and experience to move your project through the fabrication process smoothly and efficiently. Our #1 priority is quality of work, craftsmanship and timing for any upstream or downstream pipeline welding projects. Multiple contractors have picked WeldiT due to our performance record and ability to get the job done right. We strive on perfecting the customer experience and quality of work. Our certified welders & engineers understand the importance of precision welding. Therefore, all of our welds are performed with the highlest level of workmanship and technique. Our welders are 6G certified.

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