Oilfield Skid Services:

Skid Solutions For Oilfield Services

If you are looking to enhance the efficiency and safety of your oil and gas drilling
operations our oilfield skid services are designed to meet your needs.Our high-quality
oilfield skid packages are equipped with the latest technology to ensure performance
and easy accessibility.
Oilfield skid

Custom Skids

We specialize in creating skids according to the customer’s specific needs. Including size, shape, and strength requirements. These skids are made from materials capable of handling heavy loads and can be transported by trucks or cranes. Additionally, We offer quality finishing options such as powder coating or wet paint to meet both functional and aesthetic preferences.


Innovative Skid Solutions for Oilfield Efficiency

Drilling Skids

Our drilling skids system includes various elements such as skid rails, skidding claws, skidding cylinders, and a skidding hydraulic power unit. MyWelders' expertise in skid design ensures that every platform, whether it is for producing wells or exploratory drilling, is made to meet the needs of our customers.

Transportation Skids

Our transportation skids are designed to handle a variety of surfaces and are intended to make it easier to move expensive equipment around the oilfield quickly and safely. MyWelders' expertise in skid design ensures that every platform is specially designed to meet our clients' exact specifications and maximize the effectiveness of oilfield transportation procedures.

Pump Skids

Our pump skid services provide customized and effective pump skid units for various industries including oil & gas and manufacturing. These units are easy-to-install, compact, and designed for harsh conditions. Partner with us for safe and reliable fluid transportation.

Metering Skids

Designed to assure accuracy and efficiency in the measurement of oil, gas, or other fluids, our metering skids at MyWelders serve as a central hub for flow meters and accompanying apparatus. These precision-engineered skids are proof of MyWelders' dedication to providing dependable solutions to the oil and gas sector.

Compression Skids

Our compression skids are used to ensure the reliability of oil and gas compression processes. MyWelders' skid design understand the customers requirement and perfectly match the needs of our customers, further enhancing the efficiency of compression operations in the oil and gas sector.

Instrumentation Skids

Instrumentation skids are essential parts made to hold various instruments and control systems. MyWelders uses precision engineering to showcase their quality. These skids are essential to provide centralized management and monitoring of crucial activities, from wellhead locations to processing facilities.


From Concept to Creation

Our decorative oilfield skid services observe a streamlined process, from the initial concept to the very last installation.

Step 1

Base Frame Construction

The base frame is constructed from I-beams, angles, or channels to provide a strong platform for the equipment.

Step 2

Installation of Equipment

 Once the base frame is ready, the equipment, including tanks, pumps, piping, is assembled and mounted on the skid.

Step 3

Piping and Tubing

The piping and tubing are installed to connect the various components of the equipment.

Step 4

Electrical and Instrumentation

The electrical and instrumentation components are installed and connected to the equipment to provide control and monitoring capabilities.

Step 5

Testing and Quality Assurance

Once the skid is fully assembled, it goes for testing to ensure that all components work properly and meet quality standards.

Step 6

Transport and Installation

After successful testing, the skid is transported to the final site location, where it is installed and integrated into the oilfield operation.

Skids offer makeshift facilities for assessing and testing recently discovered oil and gas.

The equipment required for continuous gas and oil production is housed on skids.

Skids facilitate the use of several EOR methods to improve oil recovery from already-existing wells.

Skids are utilized in pipeline building and maintenance projects as temporary filtering units or pump stations.

In oilfield operations, skids are used to treat wastewater and dispose of hazardous material.

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