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At My Welders, we amplify our information beyond conventional steel services to bring you a comprehensive
array of solutions in miscellaneous steel. Our crew of professional welders is devoted to handing over
revolutionary, customized, and dependable offerings that cater to the particular wishes of numerous industries in
Houston and Texas. Discover the sector of Miscellaneous Steel with My Welders, where versatility meets precision.

What We Offer

Mywelders: Unmatched Expertise in Miscellaneous Steel Structure

Miscellaneous steel constitutes a crucial component in every project, playing an indispensable role in the design and functionality of any structure. However, securing a proficient fabricator specializing in both structural and miscellaneous steel poses a considerable challenge. Enter Mywelders– the epitome of expertise in this domain. Boasting an aggregate experience of nearly 20 years in the industry, we willingly undertake the intricate fabrication projects that many establishments shy away from due to their labor-intensive nature. Recognizing the imperative nature of complex projects within industrial operations, we thrive in this challenging arena.

Miscellaneous Steel Structure
Miscellaneous Steel Fabrications

Miscellaneous Steel Fabricators, For Best Results

Now is the perfect moment to bring your vision to life—whether it’s a metal porch with steel railings, a stylish steel balcony, or a set of sleek metal stairs. The possibilities are exhilarating. With ideas in abundance and designs chosen, it’s time for these concepts to materialize into a seamless integration of miscellaneous steel construction with your home or commercial property. Achieving perfection from the outset hinges on meticulous attention to detail and transparent communication between the contractor and client. Let’s delve into why these elements are crucial, ensuring you get it right the first time and eliminate the need for a second attempt.

Time-Tested Excellence in Miscellaneous Steel at WELDIT

We consistently employ a blend of precision and elegance in crafting our steel products, setting a standard of excellence. This approach, coupled with our unwavering commitment to delivering the finest items for our clients, distinguishes us as unrivaled among miscellaneous steel fabricators in Houston.

Dedicated In-House Team: Our team of in-house steel fabricators is renowned for their unwavering work ethic and resilient attitude, whether on-site or in the factory.

No Project Too Big or Small: Every project, regardless of size, receives equal attention and expertise from our team, emphasizing a consistent commitment to quality.

Comprehensive Expertise: Recognizing the importance of every element, from substantial structural foundations to intricate details, our approach as miscellaneous steel fabricators ensures the success of each project.

Steel Enhances All: We firmly believe in the transformative power of steel, understanding that each piece contributes significantly to the overall success of any structural endeavor.

Miscellaneous Steel Houston
Miscellaneous Steel Fabrication

Miscellaneous Steel Fabrication on Time and on Budget

The significance of steel in commercial and industrial construction cannot be overstated. Covering a spectrum from steel joists, decking, roofing, flooring, rails, stairs, and beyond, steel stands out for its remarkable fire rating and impressive strength-to-weight ratio. At Mywelding, we take pride in our all-encompassing steel services. This involves design and estimating during project planning, miscellaneous steel fabrication catering to diverse custom needs, and steel erection services, ensuring confidence in the proper construction of your steel components.

Our Expertise

Industries We Serve

Miscellaneous Steel serves a wide range of industries, including:


Our expertise lies in the fabrication of high-quality Miscellaneous Steel Stairs, ensuring precision, durability, and compliance with industry standards. From design to assembly, we deliver customized solutions for your specific project requirements.


Specializing in Miscellaneous Steel Handrails, we provide expert fabrication for durable and code-compliant solutions, tailored to meet diverse project needs.


Our expertise extends to the fabrication of high-quality Miscellaneous Steel Guardrails. With a focus on precision, durability, and adherence to safety standards, we provide customized solutions to meet the specific needs of diverse projects.

Miscellaneous Framing

Our proficiency includes the fabrication of Miscellaneous Steel Framing, where precision and versatility meet. Tailoring solutions to diverse project requirements, we ensure durable and reliable frameworks, compliant with industry standards.

Dumpster Gates

Specializing in Miscellaneous Steel Dumpster Gates, we excel in designing and fabricating robust, secure, and customized solutions. Our expertise ensures durable and reliable gates tailored to meet the specific requirements of diverse projects, combining functionality with superior craftsmanship.

Pipe Bollards

Specializing in Miscellaneous Steel Pipe Bollards, we deliver robust and reliable solutions for various applications. Our expertise ensures precision fabrication, compliance with safety standards, and tailored designs to meet the specific needs of diverse projects.


From Concept To Creation

Necessary Steps Needed for Miscellaneous Steel Process:

Step 1

Gathering information

The first step is to gather all the necessary information about the structure, including the architectural and engineering drawings, specifications, and other relevant information.

Step 2

Creating 3D Models

Using advanced software such as Tekla Structures, the miscellaneous steel detailers create 3D models of the structure that accurately represent all the steel components.

Step 3

Generating Drawings

From the 3D models, the detailers generate detailed drawings that show the exact size, shape, and location of each steel component.

Step 4

Quality Control

Once the drawings are complete, they undergo a rigorous quality control process to ensure they are accurate and error-free.

Step 5

Assess Project Complexity

Steel design projects often involve intricate detailing and estimation for both the core and supporting structures. A decorative façade serves the dual purpose of strength and aesthetics.

Step 6

Grasp Project Scope

Clarify structural design scope in detailing and estimation, including additional elements for maintenance and modifications, specifically focusing on miscellaneous and secondary steel structures.

Lets Weldit Together

Why Choose WELDIT for Your Miscellaneous Steel Services?

At WELDIT, we prioritize customer satisfaction with tailored products and timely services. Our commitment extends to delivering exceptional customer service through prompt and transparent communication. 

Our Estimating Team uses a specialized MRP system for quick and efficient project quoting. Once awarded, we seamlessly transition into the project with pre-loaded details.

Certified by AISC, our steel fabricators collaborate seamlessly with the Project Management Team and in-house detailers for swift and precise product fabrication.

With decades of experience, our Quality Team, ensures meticulous inspection of every aspect in our fabricated structural steel, from dimensions to the finishing touch

The WELDIT Team serves as the ultimate check, ensuring your structural steel or steel product is accurate and meets our stringent quality standards.


What Our Clients Say

Alessio Bianchi Designation

"I can't say enough good things about Weldit. Their team is professional, efficient, and their welding services are top-notch. Weldit turned our vision into reality, and we couldn't be happier with the results!"

Pierre Dupont Designation

"Weldit exceeded our expectations with their impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail. Their commitment to quality and safety is truly impressive. We highly recommend Weldit for all your welding needs."

Anders Johansson Designation

"Weldit is a reliable and trustworthy partner. They've consistently delivered outstanding welding solutions on time and within budget. It's a pleasure to work with a company that values integrity and excellence."

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